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Sophia has spent her summer camping with friends!

Sophia, a rising junior, is known for her adventurous spirit. Always armed with crazy stories about her travels, Sophia is always eager to travel. From taking a gap year in France to exploring Australia to wandering the streets of Argentina, she has seen so many unique cultures and beautiful places.

It's no surprise that Sophia wanted to add more places to her long list of sights-seen this summer. Due to outbreaks of COVID-19 across the globe, traveling looks a little different right now. This was only a small obstacle to overcome for Sophia. Her solution? Learning how to pitch a rooftop tent!

Sophia just returned home to Newnan, GA after a three week trip out west! She drove with a friend to Colorado first. They eventually made their way to Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico.

The pair slept in a rooftop tent every night and got to explore three major national parks: The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier.

Sophia said out of all three amazing stops, the Tetons were her favorite because of "breathtaking" nature surrounding her.

"My favorite part was hanging out of the sunroof and watching the Tetons wizz by!" she reminisced.

During the trip, there were a few obstacles Sophia had to overcome. Whether it was rinsing bear spray from her eye or wandering around looking for a campsite in the middle of the night, Sophia said the minor bumps in the road were simply "all part of the adventure."

"The best thing about it all is that we were able to escape the craziness in the world for a few weeks," Sophia said. "When you camp in a forest, valley, desert or at the top of a just worry about setting up the tent and making a fire ."

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