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Executive Board


Annelise Onorato


from Atlanta, GA

Welcome to the web page for Chi Omega at the University of Georgia.

My name is Annelise Onorato and I currently serve as the President of this amazingly supportive and diverse chapter! We truly value each of our members and their contributions to the chapter. This year our incredible Executive Board and Cardinal Cabinet will be working diligently to serve our members in order to provide the most enriching experience possible. 

IMG_7992 - Cameron Harris.JPG

Cameron Harris

Vice President

from Albany, GA

As the Vice President, my role is to oversee scholarship and academics within the chapter. In addition to providing members with academic resources at UGA and in Chi Omega every week, I also serve as assistant to the President in whatever she requires. I also support members in areas where they need academic assistance and chair annual bylaws revisions meetings. I enjoy getting to serve my chapter each week by meeting their needs!


Molly King


from West Chester, PA

As Treasurer, I have the pleasure of creating and reconciling the chapter’s budget. I also have the unique opportunity of informing the chapter on ways to be financially successful.


Audrey Bender


from Atlanta, GA

As secretary, I keep records of everything whether it be chapter attendance, minutes from important meetings, or member information. I also help manage the chapter's app. The best part of my role as secretary is seeing the involvement and passion members of this chapter display on campus and in the community. 

IMG_9105 - Virginia Everett.jpeg

Rylie McDonald


from Lake Oconee, GA

As Chi Omega's Personnel Chair, I serve as a link between our members and our chapter's leadership. My main goal is to create an inclusive, supportive, and positive environment where every member can thrive and contribute to our chapter's success. I love getting to be a resource for the girls in our chapter when they need it!

Courtney Roach

New Member Educator

from Sandy Springs, GA

I’m so excited to get to work with all the new members in the fall and help them adjust to college and sorority life. I can’t wait to get to be friends with all of them and help them learn everything there is to know about Chi O. 

Virginia Everett

Recruitment Event Chair

from Albany, GA

As Recruitment Event Chair, I will coordinate the formal recruitment events in the fall and lead the chapter in executing an awesome, spirited rush week. Prior to formal recruitment, I’ll be working alongside the rest of the executive board to build morale within the chapter while ensuring that our members are informed and ready for recruitment!

AFBF9334-804A-44F6-B324-99F2AF21FF28 - Hadley Sharp.jpeg

Hadley Sharp

Recruitment Information Chair

from Bethesda, MD

As one of the Recruitment Information Chairs, I work alongside Mya Felser and we are in charge of the logistical side of recruitment and we are the liaison between our chapter and Panhellenic throughout recruitment week.

AR5A8247 - Mya Felser_edited_edited_edit

Mya Felser

Recruitment Information Chair

from Savannah, GA

As one of the Recruitment Information Chairs, I work alongside Hadley Sharp and we are in charge of the logistical side of recruitment and we are the liaison between our chapter and Panhellenic throughout recruitment week.

IMG_0721 - Delilah Bucko.jpeg

Lila Bucko

House Manager 

from Atlanta, GA

As House Manager, I organize meals, duties, and activities for in house girls. I get to live in the house (which has been one of my favorite experiences ever)! I spend a lot of my time with our fantastic house mom, Miss Mary, and prepare the new PC for living in the house next school year!

AR5A8581 - Ky Warhola.jpg

Ky Warhola

Director of Programming

from Atlanta, GA

As Director of Programming, I lead the cardinal cabinet heads and oversee all chairmen. I am also responsible for ensuring smooth organization of all major events throughout the year.

Cardinal Cabinets

Director of Career and Personal Development
Julia Grace Winton
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Economics 

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Shayna Van Glish
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Major: Political Science

Director of Marketing
Hayden Hollingsworth
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major: Public Relations

Director of Campus Activities
Ansley Gavlak
Hometown: Dunwoody, GA

Major: Journalism 


 Dawgs for a Cause Chairman
Camille de St. Aubin

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Journalism
Piper Royal
Hometown: Sandy Springs, GA
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Make a Wish Chair
McKay Magness
Hometown: Richmond, VA

Major: Biomedical Physiology 
Medlin Weddington
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Major: Biology

Gianna Racanelli
Hometown: Long Island, NY

Major: Advertising 

Social Media Chair 
Sophie Sims 
Hometown: LaGrange, GA

Major: Interior design

Graphics Chair
Caroline Welcher

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
: Advertising and Fashion Merchandising

Date Night Chair
Meredith Howell
Hometown: Marietta, GA

Major: Mechanical engineering

Merchandising Chair
Emma Good

Hometown: Greenville, SC
Major: Interior Design
Claire Nunn
Hometown: Madison, GA
Major: Furnishings and Interiors

Transfer Liaison
Ashlyn Martin
Hometown: Woodstock, GA
Major: Marketing

Alumnae Relations Chair
Morgan Johnson
Hometown: Augusta, GA

Major: Human Development and family sciences

Assistant Alumnae Relations Chair
Olivia Novotony

Hometown: Sandy Springs, GA
Major: Finance

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