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Olivia has been crafting to stay busy during quarantine!

“All the freshman are super excited about living in the house next year as sophomores, so i’m going to give them paintings to decorate our rooms!!”

Olivia has always loved painting, so she knew she wanted to use her creativity and skills while staying at home and taking online classes. It took her a little while to decide what she wanted to start with, but luckily she found inspiration on Pinterest.

She has loved painting the classic XO to symbolize our letters Chi and Omega, but she has also decorated canvases with the owl and skull symbols that represent Chi O. For an extra bit of fun, Olivia has experimented with adding glitter accents to some of her pieces.

“While the fine lines can be tedious, it’s the small details that I love the most,” she said.

So far, she has made four canvases but is working on lots of others. After her online classes end, Olivia plans to ramp up her painting and make more pieces over the summer. She can’t wait to hand them out to her pledge class in August!

“I am beyond excited to give these special chi o paintings to my sisters!!”

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