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Emma has been tie dyeing during quarantine!

Emma decided to get her creative juices flowing during her free time while quarantining in her hometown. Not only is she having fun by tie dyeing clothes, she is doing it for a good cause! Emma is fundraising for the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia in Athens. Go, Emma!

The food bank has about 230 partner agencies and have various outreach programs to reach vulnerable people struggling with food insecurity. Emma started out tie dyeing for fun with her sister. When some of her friends asked her to make clothes for them, she had an idea.

As an economics and sociology major, Emma has been interested in seeing the impact of COVID-19 on our country. Food insecurity in America was already an issue for both children and adults before the outbreak of the new coronavirus, so COVID-19 has only worsened the problem.

Food insecurity in Athens-Clarke County affects almost 21% of the county overall, and the child food insecurity rate falls between 24-25%. That means there are roughly 5,200 food insecure children in Clarke County. Many kids rely on school meals during the week, but now schools are closed, people have lost their jobs, and there is increasing pressure on families to put food on the table.

Emma said the coronavirus outbreak is making it difficult for food outreach services to fulfill their missions at a time when they’re needed the most, so she encourages everyone - now more than ever - to donate to your local food bank or find out how you can help the most vulnerable during this time.

"As for tie-dyeing, I am doing custom orders along with selling some that I made," Emma said. "It has been a fun way to stay busy during quarantine, while also contributing to a greater cause."

We are so proud of you, Emma! Keep up the great work!

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