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Mya Felser

Updated: Feb 13

Meet one of our Recruitment Information Chairs!

Mya is a Sophomore from Savannah, GA.

Outside of her duties on exec, she enjoys playing tennis with her family, going to hot yoga, trying new restaurants, and spending time with her friends. She also loves going to the beach when she is home!

Mya loves serving on the Executive Board because, "I love getting to know not only the girls on exec, but other girls in our chapter. I believe being on exec comes with an extra special involvement within our chapter, that only few girls get to experience. I also enjoy being someone who younger, or even older, girls can come to for questions or just to chat."

Why Chi O?

"For me, as for many others, Chi O is such an obvious choice due to the welcoming and loving environment. From day 1, I have felt 100% comfortable being myself around these girls, as well as being constantly supported by these girls. Additionally, I love how everyone has their own fun and unique personalities, and it is so fun to get to know every single one of those personalities."

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