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Cary Guthrie

Meet our Treasurer!

Cary is a Junior from Marietta, GA.

When Cary isn't keeping Mu Beta's finances in order, she enjoys spending time with her friends and trying all of the amazing restaurants Athens has to offer!

Cary loves serving on the Executive Board because, "Through my role as treasurer, I get to work with everyone on exec and get to be apart of all of the events. I have loved getting to work with the other exec members and I also love being able to get to know more of the chapter through my position."

Why Chi O?

"Coming from a very small highschool, for context my pledge class is larger than my graduating highschool class, I was worried about going to a massive school like UGA. I was worried I would not find community, balance, or even be able to navigate life in Athens. As I went through the rush process, I quickly realized that Chi O would help me do all of these things. The genuine, cool, and smart girls I met doing rush have become some of my best friends."

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