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Rylie McDonald

Meet our Personnel Chair!

Rylie is a Junior from Lake Oconnee, GA!

When Rylie isn't busy helping our Chapter stay in order, she loves to walk on Milledge, hangout on the Chi O lawn and read, and go see live music. She works with a local Athens nonprofit called Love.Craft, and she's always looking for a good coffee shop, and she participates in Talking Dog which is UGA's in-house PR agency!

Rylie loves serving on Exec because, " It gives me a chance to be a friend to every girl in this chapter. I remember at my very first new member meeting, looking at the girls who were leading all of us and thinking, 'I want that to be me one day.' It's so cool that I now have the opportunity to give back to the chapter and the women who have given me so much love, support, and have become my family. I am just so humbled by the chance to lead my peers alongside so many other awesome women on this exec team. I am so excited for this next year and all the good times to come with Mu Beta. LICO always."

Why Chi O?

"I found a home in Chi Omega because every girl genuinely wants the best for one another, and that was evident from the first time I stepped into the house. Everyone is excited to be your friend and every door is open when it comes to building relationships. You simply will not find a kinder, more loving, and just straight-up amazing group of women and friends in one place. I owe every good thing to Chi O, it has completely shaped my time here at UGA. Every girl here is intentional in every aspect. I have always had a shoulder to cry on, there are always open arms to hug, and a good laugh whenever you need it. I really will never get over how lucky I am to be apart of this chapter, and more importantly know all of these girls who call this place home too."

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