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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Meet our joyful and loyal senior, Ramsie!

Hometown: Macon, GA

Major: Risk Management and Insurance (Pre-nursing)

Pc: '16

Highlight of your summer so far?

The highlight of my summer is getting to intern at a birthing home in the Philippines for two months. I have learned SO much from the Filipino midwives, from how to take vitals to how to help deliver babies. This summer has made me very excited to pursue my mid-college career switch to nursing, and I can’t wait to keep figuring out exactly what that will look like.

What song do you have on repeat right now?

Truth Hurts by Lizzo is constantly in my head.

How has Chi O impacted your college experience thus far?

Chi O has helped me grow up a lot. It’s taught me about confidence, especially during intimidating moments like recruitment. It’s taught me about leadership, even in not-so-fun moments like encouraging members to pay their bill. And it’s taught me how to become balanced, learning how to weigh a bad test week with date nights and events. But my very favorite thing about Chi O is the community that has loved me and sharpened me, friends that I never would have met otherwise. Before college I never would have dreamed of having a network so broad, inviting, and encouraging. Because of Chi O, I have friends that are both very similar and very different than me, and it works because of a mutual love for each other. I adore these relationships.

Favorite meal in Athens?

Baked avocado and uptown shrimp from Five Bar.

If you could ask a question and get a truthful answer from anyone, who and what would you ask?

I would ask Beyoncé if the Illuminati is a thing.

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