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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Meet our charismatic and fun-loving senior, Mary Miles!

Hometown: Pensacola, FL

Major: Engineering

Pc: '16

What advice would you give incoming freshmen?

Go Chi O.

If you could only eat one meal from a restaurant in downtown Athens for the rest of college, what meal would you pick?

I’m sure Anne Henley (@ah_eats_) will disown me for this, but definitely a Buffalo Chicken Crepe from Pauleys.

Tell us about what you’re up to this semester:

This semester I’m an engineering co-op at Gulfstream Aerospace, a business jet company in Savannah, GA. I hate missing a football season in Athens, but being a co-op means I get to work on advanced aircraft all week and I absolutely love it.

Favorite college memory so far?

Living with 68 other girls. Honestly I’d live in Chi O until I move into the retirement home. Every day in that place was a hilarious, awesome, new, favorite memory.

Favorite Chi O event and why?

My favorite Chi O event is our spring philanthropy event, Dawgs for a Cause. We get to vote on who will benefit from our event, and we choose causes that mean a lot to girls in our chapter, which always makes me really grateful to be a part of. DFAC also has two of my favorite things on this planet - puppies and hot dogs.

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