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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Meet our outdoorsy, enthusiastic, and lovable senior, Maggie Duncan!

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major: Psychology, New Media Certificate

Pc: '15

What has been your favorite part of senior year?

As Cliché as it sounds, my favorite part of senior year has been all of the shared experiences I've had. I am going to remember going to the football games, road trips, semi-formals, fun nights out, trying new foods and places, and all of the weirdo moments with my roommates and friends instead of the nights in my bedroom watching Netflix alone. They are the ones who have made this year so important and significant. Spending time with my very best friends has been the best part of senior year by far.

What song have you been listening to on repeat?

Trouble by TV on the radio and Superposition by Young the Giant

What is one thing you couldn't live without?

My Hydro Flask - I take that heavy tank with me everywhere I go. Thirsty? Boom, ice cold water on the spot. Just ask my roommates. That thing might as well be attached to my hip.

If you could have coffee with anyone in the world who would it be?

As of now, definitely Ty Haney. She is the CEO and founder of Outdoor Voices (my absolute favorite company). At just 29 years old, she has created a nationwide community, focusing on recreation. She is such an inspiration to me and so many other young women because of what she has build. She has merged the fitness industry with the idea of community, creating a whole new take on fitness. On top of that, I think she's probably the coolest person I know, and I haven't even met her (I mean she wears white Crocs and ROCKS them - tell me she isn't amazing). Ty, if you are reading this, I love you!

Where is your favorite place you've ever been and why?

Thailand or the Great Barrier Reef. Both places make you feel like you're in an alternate universe. It's an unexplainable feeling. Your heart and body swell with happiness, curiosity and exhilaration. Both places are so insanely unique and beautiful, it feels as though you could stay forever. I'd do anything to go back.

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