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Meet our outgoing and genuine freshman, Ellie!

Major: Public Relations & Psychology

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

PC: '20

What stood out to you about Chi O during recruitment?

Coming from out of state, I was nervous about rush and going to school across the country but the girls at chi o made me feel like I chose the right school because the girls were so kind, enthusiastic, welcoming, and hilarious! I always left zoom feeling more energetic than I was before because the conversations flowed so easily and the whole experience was so much fun with CHI O! After each round I had no doubts about chi o because every conversation I had was unique and every girl made me feel comfortable just being myself!

What are three words to describe Chi O?

Sincere, easy going, adventurous!

What has your freshman experience been like?

My freshman experience has been full of spontaneous weekend trips, exciting game days, cozy movie nights, tears of laughter, and true friendships thanks to chi o. I can’t imagine my freshman experience without chi o as it has brought me my closest friends and the best memories. Whenever times have been stressful or overwhelming I know I can always lean on my friends and they can lean on me. Throughout this year I’ve always had someone to go on an adventure with but also someone to stay in and watch a movie with. I feel so lucky that chi o shaped my freshman experience into what it is today and i can’t wait to see what it does for PC 21!!!

What is the best piece of advice you got going into college?

“College will be the best 4 years of your life- most of the time!” This advice was so helpful to me because when you first get to college it is easy to feel all this pressure to make the best friends right away and to be killing it in school. While this would be awesome, sometimes it doesn’t work out like that and this advice helped me to take each day for how it was and to not get stressed when I felt like I was having a hard time. I was able to allow myself to not feel perfect all the time and I felt more at peace knowing that it didn’t have to be awesome all the time.

What is a piece of advice you wish you’d gotten before college?

Research professors online before signing up for their classes! Professors make all the difference in the classroom experience and taking the time to make sure you have a professor that you are excited about and is excited about the course material can make a huge difference in your year! Looking into grading styles, past course work, and other students’ recommendations can help you make the most informed decisions about which classes to take!

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