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Meet our bubbly and kind freshman, Brielle!

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Hometown: Roswell, GA

PC: '20

What stood out to you about Chi O during recruitment?

There were so many fun personalities and everyone was so bubbly and adventurous and it made me want to be apart of that.

What are three words to describe Chi O?

Adventurous, exciting, welcoming!

What has your freshman experience been like?

I have loved my freshman year because everyone is so fun and loving. Coming into college only knowing a few people changed quickly because Chi O offers so many opportunities and it's just a loving community!

What is the best piece of advice you got going into college?

Do what you love, be yourself, and the people you need in your life will come!

What is a piece of advice you wish you’d gotten before college?

Enjoy where you are! It may not always be easy but you'll be so happy you did.

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