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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Meet our witty and creative senior, Anne Henley!

Hometown: Columbus, GA

Major: Journalism

Pc: '16

What are you most looking forward to?

Right now I am looking forward to finding out what I’m supposed to do next. I have one semester left of college, so I’m getting a little freaked out. Prayers that my future involves lots of good food. My biggest nightmare is ending up somewhere that lacks quality cuisine.

Biggest thing you’ve learned in college so far?

I’ve learned that it’s important to not focus solely on yourself. College can be a selfish time, and the best advice someone gave me once was to find something to do with your time that benefits other people, and not just you. That was a hard lesson to learn, but a big one.

If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with the extra time?

Figure out ways to become a famous food influencer so I don’t have to get a real job. Or maybe do something useful like learn a second language or become really good at an obscure instrument like the fiddle. Endless possibilities, honestly.

Favorite Chi-O memory?

Ok honestly really hard. Probably my sophomore year Lawndance because I got a really bad spray tan and had a huge white line on my forehead. And because Anne Farrell got on stage and sang a very unique rendition of “Happy Birthday” I just remember it being the best day.

All-time favorite meal?

Also really hard!!! My favorite meal in Athens would probably be anything at The World Famous. I particularly love their wings (because they are really saucy), their fries, and their pretzel bites that come with honey AND mustard. Also the sauce that comes with the fries is life-changing.

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