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Congrats on the role! Here's a little bit of info about what your job on Cardinal Cabinet entails:

1. Blog posts: This is your main responsibility. There are three different blog pages on the website (Sister Spotlights, What We're Up To, and Meet Exec). You are in charge of updating and maintaining all of them - don't worry, it's not as much work as it sounds.

     - Sister Spotlight: Copy the questions and send them to girls. Director of Marketing will likely choose the

        girls and then all you have to do is text them. Ask for them to answer the questions, ask for two adjectives

        their friends would use to describe them, and ask for a horizontal picture (solo shot...doesn't have to be

        horizontal but if it's vertical then you'll have to crop it for the thumbnail). Super duper easy - you literally

        just check for typos and then copy and paste it with the picture of them. Word of advice: use the

        "Schedule Post" feature. I would sit down on the first day of each month and then just text every girl that

        month and schedule it so I never forgot a post!

     - Meet Exec: Do this before the semester ends, but feel free to give it some time so the exec members can

        get comfortable with their new roles! Reach out and ask them some stuff to get a feel for their experience

        on exec and their personality and then showcase that in the blog posts! Some questions to help inspire

        them could be: what made you choose Chi O, what are your favorite things to do in Athens, why did you

        want to be on exec, whats been the best thing and the hardest thing, etc.)

     - What We're Up To: This one is the most work out of the three but it is really not hard at all. Just choose

        some gals doing cool things around campus and reach out to them! Ask them to send you info about what

        they're will probably help if you ask them specific questions. Have fun with it and showcase all the

        incredible things our chapter is doing!

       ***When you go to edit or create a blog post, do it under the page that says "All Posts". Make the post,      

       don't forget to include what you want the text preview to be (copy and paste the first sentence of the post

       in the excerpt box under settings on the left) and then choose the category over under settings on the left

       side of the page. Each of the three settings only displays posts that are marked with the designated

       category, so if a post ever doesn't show up and you don't know why, you probably forgot to categorize it!***

2. General updates

     - Officers, Recruitment, Home, and the footer will need to be updated with a new year (note: the

           recruitment section has two identical pages - one if you click on the main page titled "Recruitment",. but

           also the subpage called "Information)

     - Keep the pictures up to date (keep the seniors, but if someone has graduated unless the picture is SUPER

        cute, feel free to replace it with someone else - especially the freshmen! They will be SO excited!) -    

        ALSO!! remember diversity, equity, and inclusion in website creation/curation!


3. Campus Involvement and Study Abroad: I know this will feel a little tedious but TRUST ME it's so worth it! 

        - Send out a Google form at the beginning of each semester to poll the chapter and see what everyone is  

           involved in (I didn't do that this semester because involvement is limited due to corona so I just left it as it

           was from last semester so just use your judgement on that end)

        - Each club or country is a button. So to add a new one, click add > button > name the button something >            click it. You'll see that it automatically tries to attach a link to it. CHANGE this to the "Lightbox" option.  

           You will have to create a Lightbox for every single button, which is time-consuming but that's okay! You              only do this at the beginning of each semester so truly not a big deal!

       - Lightboxes: I use the "Jazzy" one with the yellow rectangle and just change the rectangle to white. ***Each

           time you create a Lightbox, it automatically sets the name as "Welcome to Jazzy". To save yourself

           lots of time, take a second to rename it to the button it corresponds with. You'll get people

           who ask you to alter something or receive some late Google responses and if you know how to quickly

           edit a specific Lightbox it'll save you some real heartache.***

        - Every time you make a Lightbox, switch to mobile version! I change it so it looks good on mobile,

           which doesn't affect the desktop view. Again, I know this seems tedious but most people view our website            from their phone so's worth it!

4. Gamma Chi Stuff: the bane of my existence. I just made a whole new page that is ~gamma chi safe~ and hid      the pictures with tons of pictures + the involvement page. If you want to go through and delete all the      

     specific pics with Gamma Chis, more power to you but that is EFFORT lemme telly.

Now those are my notes, but feel free to do your own thing! You were selected for this for a reason and you're gonna KILL it!!!! I just had absolutely no direction coming into this, so I figured you may want to come in feeling like you know what's up. If you have ANY questions at all, please text me!! I am happy to help :)

<3 Sam Perez 859-402-6718

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