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Sophie Baker

Meet our House Manager!

Sophie is a Junior from Suwannee, GA and currently serves as Mu Beta House Manager!

When she's not keeping the Mullet up and running, Sophie enjoys spending quality time with her friends and long walks along Milledge! Sophie's favorite restaurant in Athens is Five Bar!

"I love being on exec because it has brought me even closer to such an amazing group of girls. Being on this team has been so fun a rewarding and I have truly loved every moment of it. I cant wait to give back to the sorority and group of girls that have given me so much happiness here at UGA."

Why Chi O?

"I love Chi O because of the amazing memories it has given me. Everyone is so bright and geniune, this group of girls make the most of every moment and always give me a reason to smile. Chio has felt like home since day one and gave me the most amazing friendships. There is truly no happier place, Chi Omega has my heart!!!"

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