Lucy has been catching up on some good books during quarantine!

Lucy has been staying busy reading while staying at home after UGA canceled face-to-face instruction. She was born and raised to love books after she grew up watching her mom, dad, and brother read.

“It’s fun now to be older and read the same books that my mom reads because we love discussing them,” Lucy said. “Every call we have includes at least 5 minutes talking about the books we’re reading.”

Lucy is on her 19th book of quarantine and her 56th book of 2020 - talk about some serious progress! Last year alone, Lucy finished a whopping 96 books!

Reading allows her to learn about history and people through other people’s experiences, which is what Lucy loves most about it.

“You can learn really applicable life lessons through characters I’ve met in books and experienced how they go about life and situations that I might never find myself in,” she said.

In additional to providing a wealth of knowledge, Lucy said she considers reading a way to relax and “unplug, strengthen my vocabulary, and get away from screen time.”

Lucy loves being able to get inside the character’s head and understand what they’re thinking - even if it’s fictional.

“Hearing their inner thoughts and processes exposes so much about people and maybe it’s the psychology major in me, but I can’t get enough of that,” Lucy remarked.

Lucy’s favorite genre is historical fiction, although she also adds fiction, self-help, and Christian books to balance out her reading. Among some of her favorite authors are CS Lewis, AJ Jacobs, Curtis Sittenfeld, Malcolm Gladwell, and Liane Moriarty just to name a few!

Her favorite recent book she’s read is Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, which Lucy says is “720 pages and absolutely a heart wrenched but wow so good.”

Want to here more about what Lucy’s reading and learn about her book recommendations? Follow her book account on Instagram @treat_yo_shelfff!

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