Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Meet our Vice President!

Katie is a rising junior from Atlanta and she serves as our amazing VP!

She said she has absolutely loved everything about UGA during the past two years she's spent in Athens. A huge part of what has made her experience so great has been the friends she's made.

Katie said she chose Chi O because of how supportive and genuine every person in the chapter is.

"I can truly be myself always, and I have made friends that will last a lifetime," Katie remarked.

She wanted to find a way to give back to the chapter that has been such a huge part of her college experience thus far. Katie figured the perfect way to do that was through serving on Exec! As VP, Katie focuses on motivating the chapter when it comes to academics. She helps make sure all members have the proper resources to achieve academic success and personal development. Katie also helps our president, Roya, support the chapter in different capacities.

"I've loved being able to work with everyone in the chapter regardless of what pledge class they are in and seeing everyone's involvement on campus," Katie said.

When Katie isn't studying for her classes or hanging out with her friends, she loves to go for a run! In fact, one day she hopes to run a half marathon (or more) in every US state. She said if she could offer one piece of advice to the incoming freshman class, she would say to find what you're passionate about and then incorporate it into your life regularly like she did with running!

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