Get to know our new member educator!

Whether it be painting canvases and sculpting clay for her art education classes or executing a perfect joke, Ellie puts her heart into everything she does and is so intentional!

"One of my favorite hobbies is writing out quotes or song lyrics in watercolor! Words are really important to me so being able to see them around my room or house brings me a lot of joy," she said.

A rising junior, Ellie is so thankful for the past two years Chi O has provided her. She is working hard to create the new member experience and she can't wait for PC '20 to get here.

"Chi O has given me more than I could have expected, especially though the New Member Program," Ellie remembers. "During those first few months in Chi O I met my very best friends and learned so much!"

Her own experience as a new member inspired her to take on the role of New Member Educator. Ellie said she wants to help guide new members and help them feel welcomed both in Chi O and at UGA as a whole.

In her role on Exec, Ellie is responsible for guiding the new members through their first year in college and teaching them everything they need to know about Chi O. In a time of crazy transitioning and lots of new-ness, Ellie is here for every new member.

Ellie is excited to use her personal experience to help guide new members. Reflecting back on her first year at UGA, she said she wishes her freshman year self had the perspective she has gained now.

"Everyone is looking for friends and ways to be a part of such a big campus," Ellie said.

There is no harm in reaching out to people. Everyone is in the same boat, so it's good to be bold! Ellie wants to show this to all the new members that find their way to Chi O and she is there to help them do it. From enjoying meals together at the Mullet to connecting with one another through genuine conversation to having plenty of fun together on the new member retreat in the fall, Ellie is looking forward to all that the future has to hold.

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