Get to know our president!

Caroline is a rising senior from Atlanta! As Mu Beta's president, she is in charge of representing our chapter and overseeing the Executive Board. She works so hard for our chapter and we are so appreciative of her!

Caroline remembers what it was like to come to UGA as a freshman. She knows from firsthand experience how intimidating it is to be whisked into recruitment immediately after arriving in Athens. Caroline remembers her time going through recruitment fondly, especially the moments she got to visit Chi O, where she felt she could be completely herself.

"I could tell that the actives, no matter the pledge class, genuinely enjoyed being together both inside and out of recruitment," she remembered. "As weird as it sounds, I felt like Chi O would be a place where I could walk into wearing my pajamas, no make up and be completely comfortable."

Now ending her third year as a Chi O, Caroline says her impression was completely accurate. She has found a group of women that appreciate her Taylor Swift obsession, humor her La Croix addiction, and join in on her ~interesting~ dance moves...and so much more! Just a couple years later, she moved on to serve as our Recruitment Events Chair during her junior year. Now as president, she continues to serve the Executive Board in a different way!

Caroline says one of her favorite parts of being on Exec is being able to lead alongside "the most ambitious group of women I know." She said she's thankful for all she has learned from the women she has served with over the past two years. Caroline has found her home in Chi O and on Exec!

"To me, being a Chi O is way more than just the socials, date nights, recruitment and all the other things we typically correlate with Greek Life life. To me, what it means to be a Chi O is found in the connections made in a group of 285 women where no two are alike," Caroline said. "It's the friends who keep me going on the days where there's nothing going on, it’s the Exec team that pours into each member unconditionally, and it’s knowing I could reach out to anyone for a helping hand- no questions asked. It's about being apart of something bigger than yourself."

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