Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Meet our ambitious and spunky sophomore, Carly Clayman!

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major: Marketing & Real Estate

Pc: '17

If you could trade lives with anyone, who would it be?

Tina Fey. I grew up watching 30 rock everyday when I was younger, and that would be an environment like no other. My dream experience would be SNL, and she still remains one of the most renowned women to walk through the halls of SNL. Plus, being friends with Amy Poehler would be kinda hype. That’s a dynamic duo right there. More importantly, how cool would it be to be the funniest woman alive? I think I am, but that’s subjective.

What song do you have on repeat?

Make Me Proud. Drake. A classic favorite. Some people don’t know this about me, but my hidden talent is freestyle rapping. This was the first rap song that I learned by heart, and fun fact, I listen to it right before I take any test. Call me superstitious, but it’s my motivator.

If you could only eat one meal from a restaurant in downtown Athens for the rest of college, what meal would you pick?

No brainer: Shokitini’s spicy mushroom soup. If I haven’t had this soup at least once during the week, my friends know something is up. I would say I have eaten 60 cups this semester alone: some may say that’s too much, but it’s never enough. Some may say I’m addicted.

Dream job?

Growing up a major sports fan, I’ve always wanted to work in sports. I want to attend law school after college, and mix my passion for sports with a J.D. into working for an NFL team, managing the salary cap like Jennifer Garner did in Draft Day. If law school doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll become the next Erin Andrews. A sports talk show anchor would be cool too. I’ve always wanted to meet Shaq, that’s a funny guy.

Favorite thing about Chi O?

The best part about college is the small connections you make with the people around you. I’ve learned that with the girls I met and have rekindled with in Chi O. Caroline Cravens, Mimi Cooper, Lilly Young and I were on the same soccer team in middle school. Caroline Ballou was at my graduation party, but for my friend. I pushed through the crowds during rush to say hi to Isabelle Lee, the only awkward part, she didn’t remember being friends with me in 6th grade. Chi O has brought me people from my life that I thought I had never seen again, and new faces that I could not be more thankful for.

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